How It Works

So here is how this new auction system works.  It’s very simple.

It’s all-new with a new website and finally, a real auction platform.  Still, a lot of work to do so stay tuned. 

For this new auction format, it’s just all of the others. You must have an account before placing a bid.  Registering is very easy. Once you’re ready to place a bid or just want to get registered early, go to either option pointed out here. They will both take you to the registration/login page.
Registration is simply just entering your email and choosing a password.
Skipping ahead to after you have placed your bids and you won the auctions.  After the auctions are over, go to your My Account page and click on the Auctions tab.  This will show you all of the auctions that you won.  You will then add each auction to your cart.
After all of your items are added to the cart, check it out and verify they are all added.  From there it’s a straightforward checkout process.


Do you just want to contribute to the auction and be part of this?

If you want to donate an item to this auction and be part of helping the kids at St. Jude, go to the contact page and shoot me a message.